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Name: The Nualas
What we do: Sing, entertain, eat, drink, look glamourous in reasonably priced shiny dresses….you know, the usual.
Favourite café: Bert’s Big Bun Burger and Battered Sausage Emporium, it’s a new pop-up restaurant in Macroom, you mightn’t have heard of it. We mean the restaurant, not Macroom.
Current listening:  I’m almost Michael Buble’ by Michael Bubbly. You’d swear it was Michael Buble .
The last gig I attended: Michael Bubbly. LIVE!
The last book I read: Drink yourself thin. The Bulmers Diet.
My last trip to the theatre: Waiting for Godot, on ice.
The last exhibition I attended: Monet’s Mice, in a gallery in Antwerp.
My favourite film: It’s finally me, Michael Bubbly. Uncut.
My favourite writer/artist/musician: Brush Sheilds.
My favourite work of art: The Yell, by Edward Munch.
My favourite venue: The Everyman Theatre, Cork.
The writer/artist/musician I would most like to meet: Brian Kennedy, he went out this morning to get the sausages, and he hasn’t come back yet.
Bio The Nualas are Ireland’s favourite all-girl comedy singing sensations, they’ve toured interantionally, to wild acclaim from Singapore to New York to  Boyle. They recorded two radio series with BBC Radio Four, have appeared on innumeral TV shows here and in the UK, and have recently been availability checked for ICA Bootcamp, The Musical. ‘The Nualas are the new rock n roll.’ The Independent, London.

Transmission Date: Monday 05 March 2012 21:30 RTÉ Two
Week : 10 (03 Mar 12-09 Mar 12)
Article Title:
RTÉ ENTERTAINMENT: In this Reality Bites documentary comedian Anne Gildea bravely shares her battle with breast cancer as she juggles rehearsals and tour dates with chemotherapy and hospital appointments

Series 2; Episode 5

Reality Bites:

The Reality Bites documentary strand returns to cover the stories and issues that fascinate and challenge Irish people today.

Breast Cancer: No Laughing Matter

Anne Gildea is a comedian and writer. She is 45 and single. Last March she revived her comedy trio The Nualas, relaunching on the Late Late Show and kick-starting a busy schedule of gigs for the year ahead. Four months into their tour Anne received devastating news – she was diagnosed with aggressive stage three breast cancer and told she has to undergo immediate treatment.

Determined to keep the show on the road, Anne sets about juggling rehearsals and tour dates with chemotherapy and hospital appointments. She talks about her diagnosis on TV and radio, and writes humorous accounts of her treatment in her weekly column, displaying a remarkably up-beat attitude. But as her mastectomy approaches, Anne’s positivity wavers and she has to face the fact that there are some things she can’t cure with comedy. Confronted with her own mortality, Anne starts to question all aspects of her life. Having firmly believed that everything in life has comic potential Anne begins to wonder if some things in life are simply not funny at all.

Through a combination of uniquely intimate documentary footage and video-diaries shot over a period of six months Breast Cancer: No Laughing Matter takes the viewer on a courageous, sometimes absurdly funny and often heartbreaking journey. Anne’s irrepressible sense of humour, eccentric spirit and raw honesty make this documentary a must-watch on RTÉ Two this Spring.

Contact Details:Rayna Connery, RTÉ TV Press and Publicity Officer, Tel: (01) 208 3169,
Produced By:Directed by Libby Mc Cormack and Filmed & Produced by Anna Rodgers


The Nualas | Bucket List

Comedy Feature

16 March 2012 (Comedy Diary)

Words: The Nualas

Come Friday, we all start thinking about what we’ll get up to on the weekend. We may then get carried away on this train of thought and begin to think what we’ll do with the rest of our lives. The extreme in us may even whip out a pen and paper and pen a bucket list. That’s what The Nualas have done for us below.

1) Be sponged down by a trio of Irish radio DJs, ideally Ray D’Arcy, Jim Jim and Marion Finucane.

2) Learn to hurl. End of.

3) It is said by many artists that they’d love to write an episode of The Simpsons. We’d love to write an episode of Grand Designs.

4) Fulfil our Fantasy Night: 10cc, 10 bottles of Bolly; 10 hours; a hot tube.

5) Replicate the wonderful journeying experience of late 19th century Irish Lady Explorer, The Rt Hon. Daffney Mogg – most especially her jaunts around the pubs of Hull.

6) Achieve the perfect lemon meringue, in 25 years of baking it’s never made the grade.

7) Finally find a publisher for our Nualas’ cookbook, ‘101 microwave meals for 3’.

8) Turn back time: wish we hadn’t gone on the lash before that invited audience with Cardinal Brady.

9) Learn an exotic language, ideally the clicking Cula Bula Language of the lost tribes of Namibia. Nobody in Dublin feckin teaches it.

10) Half the combined BMI of The Group. End of.



Review: Older, wiser, heftier.

Dublin Comedy: The Nualas at the Draiocht Blanchardstown

06 November 2011

Description: The Nualas – Older, Wiser, Heftier at the Draiocht Blanchardstown

Review by Emma Ratcliffe

The distinct sound of feminine chatter and laughter flowed through the bleachers nestled between the red walls of the Draiocht’s auditorium on Saturday night. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house….

Just as the audience settles comfortably for the show, the lights dim and the three Nualas sashay on stage, loud and proud. One Nuala is blonde, the other brunette and the newest a redhead – something to go by when differentiating the West of Ireland natives. They exude confidence in their trademark geeky spectacles, wearing thigh grazing skin tight red dresses complete with gold sequinned collars and feathered shoulders. Mad as a bag of snakes, it’s easy to see that the daring threesome is delighted to be back after a ten year break.

Brunette Nuala comments, “If Take That, The Stone Roses and Fianna Fáil can make a comeback, so can we!” They begin by interacting with the audience in their own weird and wonderful way, henpecking the men and flashing some leg, as well as giving the audience a peek at their lump and bump smoothing Spanx underwear, they credit as adding to how fabulous they look. Not to mention their favourite waxing salon they paid a visit to earlier in the day, ‘The Flip and Rip’, for some essential pre performance de-fuzzing.

… Since reforming earlier this year with Maria Tecce adapting the role of the newest Nuala, they’re back with some sharp new songs, as well as the classics, with some hilarious ‘words of wisdom’ along the way they are sharing kindly with the audience after some rather dubious life experience.

Mics at the ready and posing perfected, The Nualas start with one of their classics, ‘Michael Kilbride’, with unexpected sweet harmonisation, they sing about a boy they knew when they were younger, a ‘mucker’, who dressed in grungy clothes and lied about attending a concert up in Dublin, which they refer to as The Big Smoke, when he was really there to see a psychiatrist. Next up, with their legs akimbo, the derailed dames perform a bluesy number, ‘Yummy Mummy Recession Blues,’ where they sing about a woman who had it all then lost it all, making fun of shopaholic tanorexic mothers who left their children with immigrant nannies for the highlife, before losing it all to the recession. They finish this tune with chimpanzee chirps with the audience erupting in laughter, eager for more.

Between each song, the trio made sharp one liners, insisting Lady Gaga stole their style. All three ladies agree that with age, they now enjoy the simple things in life – men. The Nualas showed impressive range, performing a country and western number, a song with a Spanish feel with fast paced chords about a holiday romance gone wrong; all while making fun of today’s pop stars today and serenading the audience with a love song about their celebrity crush, actor Colm Meaney.

The Nualas enforced their wacky side reminding the audience of their classics, including ‘Chicken Shoes’ and  ‘Oddity’, a story about a girl with a cabbage for a head, who sacrificed her life to feed the very classmates who made fun of her when stranded with their dead teacher on a school trip to The Burren.

Their ability to entertain and communicate to the audience was dazzlingly impressive, with non-stop belly laughs and wide smiles filling the Draiocht from start to finish. The Nualas played over ten songs, all with a dramatic story to tell, all drastically different from the former. The one and a half hour performance flew by with the audience wanting more, complete with standing ovation for the ladies in red. Their personalities, questionable choreography and incredible harmony are not to be missed. The Nualas are an experience, one Nuala just isn’t enough.

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